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Surgical Recovery Mastery:

Bond Physiotherapy's Expert Guidance!

Embark on a guided journey to recovery after surgery at Bond Physiotherapy. Having deep relationships with the Gold Coast best orthopaedic surgeons for decades puts the team in the optimal position to understand your surgery and post-surgical needs. Support your healing process, ensuring a seamless transition from surgery to restored functionality. Trust our experienced team to navigate your post-surgical rehabilitation with expertise and compassion.

Expert Practitioners

Hardy Sattler

Hardy Sattler is a distinguished Titled APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist and Honorary Adjunct Assistant Professor at Bond Physio...

Adam Walker

Adam Walker, a passionate physiotherapist and director at Gold Coast Knee Group, focuses on knee pain and injury rehabilitation...

Jedda Kennedy

Jedda Kennedy is a dedicated physiotherapist with a Masters in Physiotherapy and Exercise Science. Her expertise spans...

Adrian Kan

Adrian Kan, a Physiotherapist with a Doctor of Physiotherapy degree and a Bsc (Hons) in Sport & Exercise Science, has a special interest...

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