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Patrick Agussol


Meet Patrick, an experienced Remedial Massage Therapist with a passion for helping elite and amateur sports people achieve peak performance. With several years of experience under his belt, Patrick has become a sought-after expert in the field, currently dedicating his skills and expertise as a soft tissue therapist to the Australian Sprint-Kayak team. Patrick is a member of AMT (Association of Massage Therapists) and is recognised by most health funds so you can get private health insurance rebates. Passionate about sports and anatomy, Patrick was part of the medical Australian U20 Athletics team at the 2022 World Championships in Columbia, where his knowledge in lower body issues shown. Beyond his specialised skills, Patrick is an enthusiastic advocate for Soft Tissue, dry needling, and cupping therapies. He is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to enhance his proficiency by learning new skills and techniques. Outside of his profession, Patrick is an avid water sports enthusiast. He spent a decade as a professional kitesurfer and now he is personally active in his life racing Stand Up Paddling on Nationals competition and overseas at the Italian Championship, Europe SUP Tour and The World Championship in Thailand.

My Story

I hail from the vibrant city of Milan in Italy, born to an Italian mother and a French/Australian father. As a result, I am a proud citizen of Italy, France, and Australia, but my accent tends to lean more towards the French side. So, when people inquire about my background, I humorously dub myself a "FROZY" – a blend of French/Ozy or a Frog/Ozy (jajajaj!!!!). During my early years, I resided in Italy until the age of 12 when my family decided to relocate to France. Alongside my two elder sisters, I grew up in a sports-centric environment and developed a profound love for soccer, thanks to my Italian upbringing. Football became not only my passion but also a source of physical well-being and discipline, which I carried over to other aspects of my life, such as academics, work, and various other sports like swimming, gymnastics, kitesurfing, paddle boarding, surfing, and diving. Moving to France meant starting afresh in a new country, with new friends and a foreign language to grasp. Embracing challenges became a way of life for me, and I thrive on pushing myself to excel. My adaptability allowed me to socialise quickly in unfamiliar territories. As I matured, I pursued a career as a dental technician, which spanned eight years. However, an intense desire for freedom and an unyielding dream to explore the world, particularly Australia, compelled me to take a leap of faith. I left everything behind – my job, friends, girlfriend, and family – to embark on a journey of discovery. I began my adventures by obtaining a Kitesurfing instructor license in Morocco, which marked the beginning of 15 years of traveling around the world, competing and teaching this exhilarating sport. Eventually, I found myself in Australia, instantly smitten by the beauty of the country. Australia, particularly the Gold Coast, captured my heart, and I decided to make it my permanent home. Living near the ocean allows me to indulge in my favourite pastime, stand-up paddling (SUP). After finding work at the Surffx store, overseeing the Kitesurf, Paddle board, and Hydrofoil section, I realised something was missing – a calling to help others. This epiphany led me to pursue a career as a Massage Therapist, specialising in serving sports enthusiasts. My passion for this profession quickly eclipsed it being just a job. The study of human anatomy and learning new therapeutic techniques fuel my enthusiasm for my role. I take immense pride in being part of the Bond Physio team and Sport Medicine, as I embrace the opportunity to contribute to the well-being and improvement of athletes and sportspeople.

Qualifications and Experience

    • Certification IV & Diploma Remedial Massage
    • Deep Tissue Massage, Sport Massage
    • Certificate of myofascial dry needling
    • Certified Sport Trainer level 1, Sports taping
    • First Aid and CPR
    • Member of AMT Association
    • Massage Therapist for the Australian Sprint-Kayak Team, 2023
    • Massage Therapist for the Australian Junior Athletic Team at the World Champs in Columbia, 2022
    • Massage Therapist for the Gold Coast United Soccer Team, 2021

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