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Cliff is a registered psychologist with over 25 years of experience working in physical and mental health. Having helped thousands achieve long-term positive change, he works with individuals and groups conducting powerful therapies targeting long-term, sustainable results. Cliff specialises in helping those experiencing issues with self-esteem, depression, anxiety, child behavioural problems and relationship difficulties. Cliff is also well recognised for his groundbreaking work in the development and delivery of The Mens’ Personal Development Program helping men negotiate the challenges of modern living. He is also the author and presenter of the widely successful Childrens' Positive Behavioural Change Program.

Management of difficult relationships is a key component of Cliff’s treatment strategy. Whether you are experiencing commitment issues, intimacy obstacles, partner conflict, negative or abusive relationships, family problems, relationship loss, abandonment anxiety or previous trauma, Cliff will help.

Cliff’s work is centred on helping you experience long-term positive change. He believes you have been designed to love being you, to feel worthwhile, to wake up and fall asleep happy, confident and content within yourself and 100 percent proud of who you are. Cliff uses his professional expertise to teach practical skills, effective problem solving strategies, and deep personal insight. He can help you become the best possible version of yourself. 

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  • Masters of Clinical Psychology (Bond University 2015)
  • Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology (Bond University 2011)
  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Bond University 2010)
  • Certificate 4 in Fitness, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Special Needs Populations (Queensland TAFE 2003)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Performing Arts (NZ College of Performing Arts 1994)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Otago University 1991)
  • Bond University Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence 2013
  • First in School Award Treatment of Adult Psychopathology 2013
  • First in School Award Psychopharmacology 2014
  • First in School Qualified Practice Hours (Bond University Psychology Clinic Internship 2014)
  • First in School Qualified Practice Hours (Bond University Externship Ohana for Youth Queensland 2014)
  • First in School Qualified Practice Hours (Bond University Externship Lives Lived Well Queensland 2014)

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